July 24, 2014 Appraisal Management Registration Update


July 24th Appraisal Management Company Registration Update

Emergency Rule Approved. The Board received confirmation on July 23, 2014 that Emergency Rule 190CSR5, “Requirements for Registration and Renewal of Appraisal Management Companies,” was approved by the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office as an Emergency Rule. The Emergency Rule will be effective as the Legislative Rule goes through the full rule-making process.

With approval of the Emergency Rule, the Board may move forward with the AMC registration process. The Board is scheduled to meet August 20th, at which time it will review and approve AMC registration forms. Therefore, application forms will not be available on our website until August 25th at the earliest.

In the interim, we will mail those AMCs who have pre-registered a surety bond form and fingerprinting cards for background checks. 

If you have not pre-registered, please do so by clicking here. Please complete and return to kernss@mail.wvnet.edu  or fax to 304-558-3983, Attn: Sandy Kerns.

Background Check Information. Please note the Appraisal Management Companies Registration Act requires “the applicant, each owner who is an employee of or consultant for the applicant, and the controlling person of the firm seeking registration shall submit to a state and national criminal history record check.

Applicants should wait until they are mailed a WVSP-39 Authorization Card and fingerprint cards with our ORI number before completing their background check. When you receive the WVSP-39 and fingerprint cards from us, visit the Identogo webpage for directions on how to proceed with your background check. Their website is, www.identogo.com    

Click on West Virginia, select “Forms and Links” and follow the procedures for manual card submission. Mail completed forms, cards and required processing fee to:

MorphoTrust USA                                                                        
Attn: West Virginia Card Scan Dept.
3051 Hollis Drive, Suite 310
Springfield, IL 62704

Surety Bond Information. West Virginia Code requires that all surety bonds be approved by the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office. Please mail your completed surety bond form to the Board’s Office. We will forward it to the WV AGO and notify you when they have been accepted.


Regular Legislative Rule-Making Update. The Public Comment Period for the regular rule-making process ended on July 9th at 4pm. The Board will meet to respond to comments and develop Agency Approved Rules at a future meeting date, which will be posted on this website. Agency Approved Rules must be submitted by early October to continue the rule making process.


Sandy Kerns

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