Information for Appraisal Management Companies


AMC Registration Now Beginning Second Year

West Virginia ended its first year of AMC registration with 91 registered appraisal management companies. While several did not renew, the Board gained several new AMCs and now has about the same number entering its second year of AMC Registration.

Please remember to send any registration, or information containing fees, to the Board's Post Office Box:
  PO Box 40267
  Charleston, WV 25364

AMCs with Temporary Authority to Conduct Business

Title 190, Series 5, Requirements for Registration and Renewal of Appraisal Management Companies, allows  AMCs meeting the requirements to operate under temporary authority.  AMCs meeting these guidelines as of April 25, 2015: 
  1) ATI Valuations

Background Checks for Controlling Persons and Owner/Employees

Please contact Courtney Buskirk or Sandy Kerns for fingerprint cards and information to obtain background checks. 

  Courtney Buskirk, buskirkc@mail.wvnet.edu
  Sandy Kerns, kernss@mail.wvnet.edu



Contact Information

Sandy Kerns

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