Important - Be sure to Read - Information for Appraisers and Apprentices - Winter 2015



West Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board

Winter 2015 Update


Hello all. The Board has a number of news items to share with licensees:

  • Relocation of Board office
  • Staff changes
  • New continuing education requirements
  • Reminder of new rules effective July 2014
  • New education requirement for supervisors and apprentices
  • Appraisal Management Registration
  • Status of AMC legislation


Relocation of Board Office

The Board’s office is moving. Our move date is scheduled for February 23rd –February 24th to downtown Charleston.  Our new physical address is:

          West Virginia Real Estate Licensing and Certification Board

          405 Capitol Street, Suite 906

          Charleston, WV  25301


Our phone numbers, email and website will remain the same. Although we have scheduled for the phone and email to be transferred on Wednesday, February 25th, there is always the possibility the unexpected may happen, which means we could be unavailable for a few days.


Parking is available in nearby public lots and in the City of Charleston Municipal Parking Building that is located at the corner of Summers Street and Washington Street (in the Park Place Cinema Building).


Staff Changes

Almost all of you know Karen Hudson. Karen is retiring effective March 13th to spend more time doing the things she enjoys, which includes spending time with her new grandchild. Karen is an integral part of the board staff and will be greatly missed. 


In addition to hiring someone to fill Karen’s colorful shoes, the Board will be hiring an additional staff member to help with the additional workload created by the registration of appraisal management companies. 


So, licensees, please send Karen happy wishes and be patient with us during this transition time. 


New CE Requirement – WV Law Class

2015 is the first year that all WV licensees are required to take the three (3) – hour online WV Law Course. This course must be taken every four years and is in addition to your 14 hours of regular CE.  McKissock is the only approved provider at this time. The course is available now.  The course is an on-line course because over 34% of our appraisers are non-resident appraisers and the course must be available to them.


Reminder of New Rules Effective July 2014

During the rush to upgrade prior to 2015 AQB mandated changes, we learned at least a few licensees had not kept up with rule changes that went into effect in July 2014, for example the requirement that Certified Residential candidates must include 100 hours of non-residential work. Also, the rule related to experience hours changed, allowing apprentices and licensees additional credit for appraisal experience.  Please review the rules pertaining to your license!


New Education Requirement for Supervisors and Apprentices

Another new rule change that went into effect on January 1, 2015 is the requirement that Apprentices must take an AQB-Approved Supervisor-Apprentice Course and WV Law Course prior to being issued an apprentice permit. Also, Supervisors must take the AQB-Approved Supervisor-Apprentice Course prior to supervising the Apprentice.  For practical purposes, this means the Board must have proof of successful completion of the Supervisor completing the course prior to the first experience entry date on the Apprentice log.


Appraisal Management Company Registration

As of February 20th, the Board has 82 registered appraisal management companies and an additional 14 pending results of background checks.  All fully registered AMCs are listed on the AMC Roster, which is located on our website.  Several have ceased operating in WV, but are still listed, as they have paid their registration through June 30, 2015.


You will also soon see a list of AMCs listed on the website that have temporary authority to conduct business in the state, as defined by Emergency Rule 190CSR5.  If you do not see an AMC listed on the website, please contact our office.


Status of AMC legislation

The AMC legislation has passed the Senate and one committee of the House.  It will be scheduled to be heard before House Judiciary before being read to the full House.









Sandy Kerns

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