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Final Board and Committee Meetings for 2015

The final Upgrade Committee Meeting for 2015 will be November 17th. If you would like to submit an application for a license upgrade or supervisor permit, please submit by November 9th. Upgrade and supervisor permit applications reviewed at the November Upgrade Committee Meeting will be considered at the December Board meeting. Contact Chasidy Minor at 304-558-3919, or minorc@mail.wvnet.edu if you have questions regarding the upgrade process. The Board's Standards Committee generally meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Remaining Board Meetings for 2015 are scheduled for Wednesday, October 14th and Wednesday, December 9th. 

Appraiser License Renewals

The appraiser licensing renewal period is largely over. We'd like to thank all West Virginia licensees for helping our new licensing team through their first renewal period.  If you have not renewed and have questions, please contact Courtney Buskirk at 304-558-3919, or buskirkc@mail.wvnet.edu  for advice on how to correctly and efficiently renew your license.

Appraiser Email Addresses Needed

The Board attempted its first bulk mailing in the Spring of 2015. We learned that some licensees did not receive the information we emailed. It is important we have your correct email address, as well as your roster information. Please keep us updated. Thank you!

National Exam Policy

Effective January 1, 2015 individuals wishing to take AQB-Approved Examinations for Licensed Residential Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser and Certified General Appraiser were required to complete education and experience hours prior to taking exams.

Applicants wishing to obtain an exam admittance card must submit required proof of college education, qualifying appraiser education and experience hours to the Board for verification prior to being issued an admittance card.

Some individuals were issued national exam admittance cards in error over the past 12 months. If you were issued a national exam admittance card over the past 12 months and have not yet taken the exam, please contact the Board to verify you are eligible to take the exam prior to taking the exam. 

If you took and passed an exam prior to Janaury 1, 2015 without completing the experience requirements, you may be credentialed by completing the experience requirements, as long as you do so within the 24-month exam expiration period.

If you took and passed an exam after January 1, 2015 without completing the experience requirements, you will be required to retake the national exam to meet AQB requirements.

Relocation of Board Office

The Board Office relocated in late February to Suite 906, 405 Capitol Street, Charleston, WV 25301. The building was formerly the Daniel Boone Hotel. Our phone number, fax, email and website address remains the same. Parking is available using short-term street meters, or in nearby public lots or the City of Charleston Municipal Parking Buildings.

WV Law Class Required for 2015-2016 License Renewal

The three (3) hour WV Law Course has been discussed in the past several years in letters, post-cards and on the web-site. However, the upcoming 2015-2016 renewal cycle is the first year that all licensees and apprentices must take the course. The course must be taken every four (4) years and is in addition to the required 14 hours of regular CE. McKissock offers the course on-line and is the only approved provider at this time. The course is offered on-line course because over 34% of WV licensees are non-residents.

Reminder of New Legislative Rules  

During the rush to upgrade prior to 2015's AQB mandated changes, the Board learned that at least a few licensees had not kept up with the rules legislating the appraisal profession. Changes to Title 190, Series 2 and Title 190, Series 3 went into effect July 1, 2014.

These changes included the number of hours and types of experience hours required for upgrades, time limits for holding an inactive license, the requirements for a WV Law Course and others. 

Effective January 1, 2015, apprentices must take an AQB-Approved Supervisor-Apprentice Course and WV Law Course prior to being issued an apprentice permit. Also, supervisors must take the AQB-Approved Supervisor-Apprentice Course prior to supervising the Apprentice. No experience hours will be granted prior to both parties taking this course.

The Rules and Laws can be found on the left-hand side of this website. 

Staff Changes

Courtney Buskirk and Chasidy Minor joined our Staff in April. Courtney coordinates appraiser and apprentice licensing, temporary permits, appraisal management company registration and education course approval.  Chasidy coordinates complaint processing, license upgrades and supervisor permit applications.







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